Welcome Back to the Office! Gift Basket $89.00 CDN

Available for for local delivery.

The Welcome Back to the Office! Gift Basket comes with the perfect 3 ingredients to be reacquainted with your office space as you go back into daily routine.

Send this to a fellow colleague or friend as a welcome back gift, or simply a gift to yourself.

Feel free to keep your dried posy in its wrapping and place on a shelf, or set in your own vase, no water needed. Place your new coffee plant someplace near a window where it will get a strong amount of indirect sunlight throughout the day. And don't forget to sanitize with the included sanitizer for personal use while out in public to keep yourself and everyone around you safe!


  • 4 inch cement planter potted Coffee Plant
  • A small dried posy handmade by us at Garden Party Flowers
  • Small personal hand sanitizer


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