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7 tips for working with your wedding florist

7 tips for working with your wedding florist

May 17, 2023


It’s wedding season which means florals are a hot topic. Aside from the symbolic meanings of many wedding flowers, bouquets and arrangements at a wedding ceremony and reception are simply beautiful. Floral arrangements are a chance to highlight the theme of your wedding, the vibe of your celebration and give your day a fresh, lush look. Greenery and florals photograph beautifully, showing off your personality as a couple and creating timeless memories. On the day, flowers bring a light fragrance adding to yours and your guests’ experience. 

Many brides and grooms have a vision of their wedding day. The Pacific Northwest has an incredible selection of local blooms. We are spoiled with what we have to work with from our local growers. Our designers use their expertise and the incredible selection of flowers available to Vancouver florists to bring a wedding party’s vision to life. Here are a few tips for working with your florist to get the flowers just right for your wedding day. 

1. Be specific with inspirations and aspirations. Our designers are good, but they’re not mind readers. Be as clear and specific as you can in your initial consultation to set everyone up for success. Pinterest boards or inspiration photos are really helpful. Sharing examples of what you like (as well as anything you don’t like!) will help guide the direction of your florals. Keep in mind, every installation is unique and we can’t replicate a photo perfectly but we can capture the vision and personalize it for your day. If you’re not sure what you like, that’s ok too! We can create a vision together.  

 2. Be realistic about your budget. Knowing up front what you have available to spend on flowers is incredibly helpful. The costs on particular flower varieties can be high depending on your vision but our designers are experts at getting you the maximum effect within your budget. We can be strategic by reusing ceremony decor for your reception. Acknowledging that the cost of flowers is not just the flowers themselves is valuable. Time, production, expertise of designers, delivery and set up costs should also be included in your budget. Once we have a budget confirmed we can work within it to ensure we’re getting the best blooms and the most dynamic set up for your big day. 

3. Stay open minded. Having a level of flexibility around your wedding flowers is important. When planning months in advance we are unable to predict seasonal changes, availability and growers conditions. At times, substitutions or design changes may be necessary. When your designer understands your vision, they will stick to it and creatively work with any last minute changes. Having an experienced florist with grower connections managing your florals ensures while your design may be slightly different than planned, there won’t be any compromise on how stunning your flowers look.  

4. Connect your wedding vendors. Introducing your florist to your other wedding vendors ahead of the big day will save you a lot of back and forth. We’re very happy to coordinate with your wedding planner to ensure your overall decor vision is executed perfectly. Flowers can often enhance other decor elements so working with your venue in advance is a huge benefit. It’s important for us to know what will be available during set up so we can prepare. We want you to enjoy your big day so leave the logistics to your team of vendors!  

5. Think personally. We love incorporating personal touches into our wedding florals. Is there an heirloom vase that’s been in your family for decades? Is there a sash from a friend’s wedding dress we can tie around your bouquet? A childhood charm to share? Brainstorming these personal elements for your bridal bouquet in advance allows us to incorporate them and highlight them as intended. The earlier you share these ideas with us, the better we can manage our design and the less pressure on you. 

6. Consider post-wedding flower use. Give your beautiful blooms a second wind! Talk with your florist about plans for after the wedding. Are you hoping to give table arrangements to guests? Do you want to purchase or rent vases? It’s recommended to think about how you might get your flowers home and what you can do to preserve them. Flowers are generally at their best bloom on the day of your wedding but they’ll last 3-4 more days if cared for correctly. Are there any post-wedding events you can re-use them for? Are there any special flowers you might pull to dry and preserve? Let’s chat about this ahead of the big day so we have a plan for your flowers! 

7. Trust us. There’s nothing better than bringing a bride and groom's floral vision to life. Garden Party Flowers has done over 1000 weddings and our floral designers are highly experienced and trained to deliver top quality flower arrangements for your big day. If you’ve communicated your vision clearly and given us all the information, timelines, personal touches and after care details, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your flowers. You’ve hired the experts, now it’s time to celebrate. 

We are booking up fast for summer 2023. We have a few opportunities remaining for elopements, intimate ceremonies and bridal showers. We’re currently taking bookings for 2024 weddings. Contact us to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to hear your vision!