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Amazing Students Amazing Workshop

Amazing Students Amazing Workshop

November 20, 2012


See the various container prepping strategies and floral designs our students created!

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The private workshop held at our studio this past weekend started off with positive vibes before the class even started. Carley had contacted us several months ago to book a private workshop for her sister Jamie’s birthday.

During this workshop, we wanted to teach the sisters various container prepping strategies. We started off the private class with a west coast inspired tangerine themed floral arrangement.

Container Prepping Strategy 1: Chicken Wire

They quickly learned the techniques, listened attentively and designed beautiful arrangements.

Container Prepping Strategy 2: Tape Grid

The girls designed beautiful tropical arrangements after learning the tape grid strategy, our most commonly used method of prepping a container.

Container Prepping Strategy 3: Oasis Floral Foam

The last strategy taught was making a domey floral arrangement using floral foam.

Between designs, everyone got to enjoy yummy homemade macarons and almond cookies baked by Amy’s sister Annie. When she is not helping Garden Party Flowers bake desserts for our workshops, she works in the bakery department at T&T Supermarkets.

If this looks like fun to you, give us a call or email us to find out our next private workshop availability.

We will have more public classes scheduled in the new year. Thanks for being such amazing students Jamie and Carley!

The post Amazing Students Amazing Workshop appeared first on Garden Party Flowers.

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