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DEXTER Has Arrived

DEXTER Has Arrived

October 28, 2009


Tonight’s the night.  As Halloween nears, so does Dexter and the inspiration behind the Dexter Arrangements.

The Making of the Dexter Arrangement

 The Floral Arrangement


 Our inspiration starts from addiction. Addiction of watching Dexter and creating flower arrangements.  We love to incorporate what we like in real life into work. We articulate the theme into visual masterpieces.  Dexter theme is no doubt containing “red” – symbolizing blood.

Passion red roses gathered together in the center of Dexter, bloody red celosia works like blood splatter shooting from the heart of  this arrangement. Black centered gerbera symbolizs the deep and dark side of Dexter. Black echinacea is spiky- sharp and dry – added funky texture mingled with red flowers. I think it works like ” dried blood”.  Tropical anthuriums spread around the bottom of the dexter, protecting and holding all the flowers- worked like the code of Harry.

What is Dexter?

Dexter is a super addictive TV show from ShowTime.

 You can buy the Dexter Arrangement for a limited only, click here to order!


Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

August 22, 2020

We were recently given the opportunity to design a stunning 'Boho-themed' hand tied bouquet for one of Abbotsford's local photographers, Sandy Sekhon's summer shoot! This bouquet was made to feel simple and light, filled with movement and bright tones. The finished product is beyond gorgeous, and we are so proud...