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Feature Flower – Phalaenopsis orchid

Feature Flower – Phalaenopsis orchid

April 08, 2011



Phalaenopsis orchids are usually found as potted plants. During April to July in Vancouver, we are lucky to enjoy them as cut flowers in our vase arrangements. We get to play and explore the excitement of incorporating beautiful phalaenopsis orchids in our designs.

In this arrangement, we design the orchid with burgundy tulips, red cordyline greenery, and moss. It’s a great modern gift.



This simple green and magenta arrangement is designed with horsetails, green fuji mums, magenta phalaenopsis orchid and green tricks.


Tri-colour cordyline leaf loops with magenta orchids


Magnolia orchid garden. This one is especially designed for Robyn Green at Kai Events. She came in to our boutique and picked out each flower for her mother’s birthday. The eco-friendly magnolia leaf box caught her eye so we decide to do something really fun and pretty!

Floral arrangement designed by Garden Party Flowers Vancouver

We also picked out Le Belle Rose – soft pink and geen to go with the strong magenta orchids.

Floral arrangement designed by Garden Party Flowers Vancouver

One of our designers, Janee designed this tall and structural arrangement with magenta phalaenopsis orchdis with soft pink titanic roses.


Another one of Janee’s design: Wild Magnolia and Orchid Garden


Our princess in the Garden- Nicola designed this lovely arrangement for Lululemon on Robson. We had lots positive feedback!



I designed this for Suika – a modern izakaya Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. I call it Zen Garden.



If you would like us to design with phalaneopsis orchids for you this month (April 2011), please give us a call or email us. We can’t wait to design, share, and enjoy the flowers with someone special!

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