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How to fit a bouquet perfectly into a vase

March 02, 2010



Not sure how to cut the flowers and place them in your vase so it looks the best? Just bring them in to our store!

We have customer’s that come everyday to drop off their vase in the morning and they come to pick it up in the afternoon.

Your vase with new flowers

Next time you are West 4th Ave in Vancouver, just drop off your own vase, tell us how much you want to spend, and pick up your vase full of premium flowers and in a style you request.

When it’s time to replace the flowers, you can bring the vase back and we can compost them for you!


Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

August 22, 2020

We were recently given the opportunity to design a stunning 'Boho-themed' hand tied bouquet for one of Abbotsford's local photographers, Sandy Sekhon's summer shoot! This bouquet was made to feel simple and light, filled with movement and bright tones. The finished product is beyond gorgeous, and we are so proud...