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Mother’s Day 2014 –  Sunday, May 11th

Mother’s Day 2014 – Sunday, May 11th

May 05, 2014


Looking for tips for the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year? Take a look here!

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Here’s some tried and true sage advice to remember when giving Mom her Mother’s Day Gift.

D E D I C A T I N G   T I M E      +     D E L I V E R I N G   F L O W E R S     =      A   H A P P Y   M O M M A

Spend time with your Mom. It’s what she really really wants

Show her you care by taking her to lunch at her favourite neighbourhood cafe, maybe it’s Le Marche St. George in Mt. Pleasant. Or meet her in the morning for a walk around the Yaletown Seawall, then stop for a yummy sandwich nearby at DD Mau. Go for a seasonal tour of a botanical garden. The sights, smells and colours are beautiful in early Spring at Van Dusen Garden in Shaugnessy.

Remind her that she’s livin’ the good life. She deserves to be spoiled with flowers

Treat her senses with fragrant fresh flowers delivered to her door. Choose from a stunning variety of colours and styles from our “Mother’s Day Collection” featured on our online store. Or, look for the title below that best suits your Mom. We’ve selected beautiful florals that are guaranteed to please.

THE BUSINESS MOM – She works 12 hour days, her phone constantly chirps with emails from the office, yet she still manages to help her kids with homework, and have dinner on the table (even if it’s takeout). I recommend something to slow her down. Something with a soft colour palette and a light, sweet fragrance, like Spring Elegance.


THE ELEGANT MOM – She always has her outfit coordinated to match her shoes. She is never late, and never messy. Everything has its place. She is organized, warm, and caring. I recommend a compact, low arrangement featuring garden roses. Without a doubt, the perfect choice is Apricot Smoothie!

THE FREE SPIRIT MOM – She’s a hippy for sure! Loves organic markets, shops locally, makes her own tea and kombucha. Send her this mason jar arrangement with fragrant roses and eucalytpus. Don’t worry – it’s all sustainably grown. Get the Mason Jar Mixer.

THE GARDENER MOM – She would grow all her own veggies if she could. She can bring any plant back to life. She has an amazing green thumb and a patient nature. You’d swear she’s Mother Nature come to life. Give her a traditional english garden rose arrangement brimming with sweet peas. Give her the Sweet Pea.


THE “FLOWERS-DON’T-LAST-MOM” – Show her that flowers can be super long lasting! Flowers are special precisely because they are perishable. What a treat to have them while they last. Remind her of enjoying the present with our Zen mix. Dried Cotton, fronds of Dusty Miller, long lasting Dendrobium Orchids, and a living Succulent that will outlast any cut flowers. Send her some Zen.


If you don’t see an arrangement suitable for your Mom, have a browse in our gallery. We can certainly make something custom for you!

Place your flower order online today at, call us at 604.731.2737, or visit our Pop Up shop at Holt Renfrew from May 8 – May 11 ….and if you’re planning to take Mom out for dinner or lunch, don’t forget to call the restaurant to make reservations!

The post Mother’s Day 2014 – Sunday, May 11th appeared first on Garden Party Flowers.

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