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Our Frankfurt Adventure

March 08, 2010


Frankfurt Brew

If you’ve already read our last blog post, you know that Amy and I flew to Europe to elevate ourselves and find inspiration.  One of the main events we attended was a trade show called Christmas World, which is the foremost meeting place for the international decorations industry.

Christmas World

Although we booked our ticket a few months prior to our late January departure, we didn’t have anything else planned until a few days before we stepped on the Lufthansa jet.

Between deliveries, I would hop on, and to find deals on hotels and flights.  However, every search result made me think of the crazy amount of bouquets we would have to sell to pay for these super high prices.

Our departure date was now countable by the hours and my sister who was taking Yoga Training Courses, said she met a cool girl in Yoga class that was from Frankfurt.  The German Yoga girl tipped us to check out a website called Design Hotels.  The hotels found on this website were amazing and half the price of the hotels Expedia was giving me!


We decided on staying at the 25 Hours boutique hotel designed by the Jean company Levi’s.  They had free wireless internet and they were super close to the train station and subway.  We got to the 1960’s themed room.

1960 Room


We were inspired by this hotel’s attention to detail.

Room Number

From the jean pocket room number….


….the belt buckle handle on the mini fridge….

Evisu Hanger

…the Evisu branded clothing hanger…….

Hotel Binder

….to the jean fabric wrapped Hotel Information Binder….they thought about every single item in the entire hotel.

After settling into our hotel room and being pleased our late booking worked out for us, we hit the town exploring.


Lunch consisted of beer and a few sausages, then as we walked around town we checked out some cool flower shops.

Flower Shop

Flower Shop in Germany

Frankfurt flower shop


Our main observation from seeing various flower shops in Frankfurt was that buying flowers was a big part of their daily culture.  The abundant flower shops in Frankfurt reflected this, along with their cute designs.

Frankfurt skyline

After a long day of walking around town, we worked up a serious appetite.


Amy’s pork shank was awesome, but my sausages and sauerkraut was no better then the one’s from Costco.

The best meal of Frankfurt was from this hut in the middle of a pedestrian square.


A few days prior to departing for Frankfurt, I was dumping out our compost in the back and the owners of  the yummy La Quercia restaurant was also outside.  I told them how expensive flying throughout Europe was and they told me to check out Ryan Air.  After jumping on their website, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Flights from Frankfurt to Rome on Air France was around the $500 range, while flights from Frankfurt to Rome on Ryanair was only £39!!!  I clicked on checkout as fast as my computer could handle it.

When I booked the ticket, I only had one choice in terms of flight time on the day I wanted to travel, so I just booked it and went back to delivering.

The night before our departure from Frankfurt to Rome, I went to the business centre to print out our tickets and realized our flight time was 6AM! Meaning we had to get up before 4AM to checkout.  This was fine and we were used to it from getting up early to buy flowers from the auction back home.

Hotel Lobby

When we checked out the next day and I asked the receptionist if there was only one Frankfurt airport, he said “Yes”.  Then he gazed up to the ceiling and hesitatingly asked “You’re not travelling with Ryan Air are you???”

I then replied “Uh…Yeah…” to which he basicly looked defeated and said that Ryan Air fly’s out from a Cargo airport 1.5 hours away from Frankfurt.  It was just passing 4:30 AM now….

That’s like calling the Abbotsford Airport the “Downtown Vancouver International Airport”!!!

The buses that depart the Train Station to the cargo airport leave every hour, so we had no choice but to pay for a £200 taxi fare to get there hopefully in time.

It seemed like we were making good time and we were finally approaching the airport around 5:40AM.  It was snowing and the taxi driver was sliding but he pressed on…..until he took a wrong turn and took us to the parking lot rather then the terminal…..

We missed our flight by minutes and the next flight to Rome was the next day :cry:

I found a flight that was leaving at 11 AM to Pisa and figured we could take a train from Pisa to Rome.  Check out our next blog post to see if we made it!

Ryan Air

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