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Roses are red, pink and white this Valentines Day

Roses are red, pink and white this Valentines Day

January 31, 2023


Love is in the air as we approach one of the busiest holidays of the year in our studio. The rich, sweet smell of roses is filling our design studio as the orders for roses start coming in. There’s something about working with roses in this volume that brings a real vibe to the studio and gets our designers excited. Whether you’re celebrating your significant other, a new sweetheart or you’re treating your gal pals for Galentine’s Day, roses are an incredible way to show your love, appreciation and friendship. They smell so beautiful, they travel well and they last in your home or office. There’s so many reasons why roses are the classic choice this time of year and feature in so many of our Valentine’s Day arrangements.

This year we have over 25 varieties of roses in a range of colours, sizes and styles. We source them locally here in BC and from around the world to ensure each arrangement matches the emotions - love, appreciation, celebration, romantic hopeful, friendship and more - intended. This year we’re thrilled to have a limited supply of Juliet garden roses, one of the most rare and sought after rose varieties in the world. Each sophisticated flower head has approximately 92 delicate peach petals; they’re the ultimate in luxury roses. We also have gorgeous garden roses like White O’Hara garden rose and classic Pink X-Pression roses. Our locally sourced roses are grown in Brentwood Bay, BC by Eurosa Farms. They are currently the only standard rose cut grower in all of Canada.


If you’re looking for some gift giving ideas to add to your rose bouquet, we have some recommendations to really spoil your special someone! For a one-stop-shop we offer several gift baskets with these and other treats.

A Bath Bomb from Base Botanique - This skincare company out of Quebec includes selected flowers, berries and leaves in their bath bombs offering incredible relaxation in addition to soothing and nourishing your sensitive skin.

Sparkling wine from Legacy Liquor Store - As well as bubbles in the bath, we love bubbles in a glass! Legacy Liquor is a fantastic local bottle shop with a huge selection of sparkling wines and champagnes. One of our local favourites is Fitz Brut from Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards, a lovely Okanagan vineyard specialising in sparkling wine.

Chocolates from Beta5 - You can’t go wrong with top quality chocolates. We’re very lucky to have Beta5 right beside our studio making chocolates an easy add on when you’re picking up a bouquet. The trademark collection features award-winning chocolates, including a few of our favourites, the whole cherry, sparkling raspberry and smore.

Galentine's Day

Flowers on Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day symbolise romantic love, friendship and everything in between. Galentine’s day, a popular new holiday celebrated February 13th , is when women celebrate their platonic friendships with one another. Yellow roses represent friendship so for Galentine’s Day we’re seeing more bright, expressive and celebratory bouquet orders women send to one another.

Roses are classic 

For February 14th, and romantic lovers, a classic bouquet of roses remains one of the most popular choices. Red roses represent passion and love, the modern definition of Valentines. Red is the colour of the blood that keeps our hearts beating and therefore holds a deep, traditional meaning. In Roman mythology, the red rose was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. Traditionally white roses symbolise purity. Pink roses blend purity and romance, making the combination of all three another popular favourite. Paired with some delicate wax flower and beautiful early spring blooms your love will be blown away.

Our Valentines Day Specials

Whether it’s a bouquet of 50 red roses, a heart shaped flower box or a contemporary ‘Forever Mine’ custom design, we have a selection of Valentine’s Day arrangements to suit every taste and relationship. Check out our Valentine’s Day collection including a designer’s choice option

The people you love, no matter what role they play in your life, deserve to feel that love. Flowers are the perfect way to show it any day of the year and especially on Valentine’s Day when love is in the air. Just don’t wait until February 14th to get your rose order in, you may be disappointed! True love plans ahead!