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So You Think You Can’t Garden?

September 27, 2010


Many of you probably think you can’t get in touch with gardening just because you don’t have a nice backyard or simply have no time for nature around your home. This blog will showcase three wonderful indoor plants that can amaze you with your undiscovered skills. By learning how to take care of your plant, it can stay with you for a long time.




No Green Thumb? Don’t fret; Snake Plant can be your new favorite as far as potted green plants go. Even though it has a frightening name, it is actually a great bathroom décor as well as a natural air purifier as it absorbs pollutants! It needs watering every 7-10 days but isn’t very picky for lighting requirements (just not complete closet shade).


Foliage begins to wilt = too much water

Foliage begins to wrinkle= needs more water

Warning: Poisonous (like a snake) when eaten, so keep away from children and pets


Orchids are like beautiful and high maintenance ladies- hard to please, but once you get to know the inside tips, you can satisfy their every need. The following are some characteristics:

They need daily misting to keep the moisture balance intact, they have a mild fragrance, and they are picky with their living environment- needs fast draining soil with mixed medium (like bark, mulch, and moss) and good circulation.

On the other hand, there are a couple attributes that are not so lady-like:

They need 10 hours of bright indirect light everyday and they only need water once every 1-2 weeks depending on how crackly the soil/moss is on the top layer of the potted orchid.


Yellow leaves = too much water

Brown leaves = too much light

Note: Don’t throw the whole plant away if one bloom starts to die. Simply snap it off and the rest of the plant should still be good for the next little while.


Succulents (also known as the Jade Plant) are great for windowsills, corners, welcoming decorations, and bedroom or bathroom items. In many cultures, succulents have the meaning of good health and wealth, which makes them great gifts for anyone! There are many varieties of succulents, but they all have plump, glossy leaves and thick stems. They are very cute in appearance and easy to maintain. Wait until the soil dries out completely between watering sessions. Succulents need moderate light- try to place your plant facing either east or west or within 2-3 feet from a south facing window.


Spindly thin stems = needs more light

Plump leaves wrinkling = needs more water

There are obviously a lot more indoor potted plants out there that you can have. These are the three that GPF suggests. Specials thanks to Debut_Fire for requesting this post, your comments are much appreciated.

Please comment below and tell us what your favorite household greenery is!